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How to Update your Membership Info Print E-mail

Updating your MRRA membership info and program choices is fast and easy.  Trust me.

      1. Login to the MRRA web site:
        1. Returning Members:  You should have received an email at the start of the 2011 season with your username and password as you set them in a past year.  If you did not, contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to have this information sent to you.  You might have a different email address than the one we have on file.  DO NOT FILL OUT A NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

        2. New Members:  You should have received an email shortly after you submitted your Membership Application.  If you haven't yet completed the application, do that first.  The confirmation email you receive contains a link you must click to authenticate your account, and once authenticated you can login with the username and password you set when you completed the application.

      2. You login to the MRRA web site by opening the Member Login section at the very top of the web site.  Enter your username and password and click Login.:

      3. Click the My Membership link that appears in the Members Menu at left.  If you don't see the Members Menu, then you haven't logged in.

      4. On the BASIC INFO tab:
        1. Edit the fields of the form.  Try to be as complete as possible.  Learn-To-Row applications and first-time members will have more to fill in since they are starting from a blank form, and many fields will not apply.
        2. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the page when you are done.  Any missing required fields or fields that contain invalid data will be noted with a red message at the top of the page.  Correct those fields and re-submit.
        3. When the form is complete and successfully submitted, you will see a green success message at the top of the form.

      5. Now click on the CHOICES tab.  This is where you make your membership and program selections.
        1. The standard membership is "FA1" or "FAMILY OR INDIVIDUAL".  Unless you are a student or a Learn-To-Row program application, choose FAMILY OR INDIVIDUAL.
        2. If you have multiple members in your family that are joining or renewing with the MRRA, one of those family members must make this choice before subsequent members can choose one of the ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBER options.   If you choose a ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBER, specify the lead family member in the subsequent dropdown box.
        3. If you are choosing a STUDENT membership, name the school or qualified institution that you believe qualifies you for the reduced rate student membership.  You may be asked to provide evidence of enrollment before your membership is accepted.

      6. Now make your program choices:
        1. Traditional MRRA scullers will choose MEMBERSHIP and LOGBOOK.
        2. MRRA scullers with a private rack will add the RACK option.
        3. New for this year, if you have a private shell and a rack, you can opt out of using club equipment by choosing LOGBOOKPVT instead of LOGBOOK. This lowers your costs as well as club revenue and makes your rack a prime takeover target when we need new space for club boats, so choose wisely.
        4. Applicants to the LTSCULLx and LTSWEEPx programs are not considered MRRA members and only need to choose the specific LTSCULLx or LTSWEEPx program.
        5. Sweep-Only rowers will choose MEMBERSHIP and then one or more of the sweep program options.
        6. It is NOT necessary to choose all of your options now. You can choose just those you are sure you want to pay for, and then later add additional programs when the details for those programs are better known.
        7. Click Submit at the bottom of the form when done making your choices, and then note that the dollar amount at the bottom is updated to reflect your approximate costs. On the 'billing' tab you will find the exact amount due, which takes into account some discounts that might apply to certain program combinations, as well as any payments you made that have already been applied to your account.

      7. You're almost home.  Click on the 'billing' tab now to review your program choices and costs.  There is nothing to edit on this screen; it's just a review, and this is the tab where you will see your payment information applied when the Administrator has received your check and applied payments.   In section 5d, download, print and sign any additional required paperwork.  It looks like all of it is required, except for the Swim Certificate which is only required if yours has expired - check your status on the 'basic info' tab of My Membership.

      8. To summarize:  You update your 'basic info', you make your program 'choices', and then review your 'billing' data so that you can write a check and send in all of the signed forms that are required.  The Administrator then weeds through all of that stuff and ultimately makes you a bona fide MRRA member when its determined that you've done it all correctly and paid the necessary amount.  At that point, there will be an indicator on your My Membership data that will show you are a member in good standing.  Then, you get to touch an oar.


    Last Updated on Monday, 18 April 2011 00:18