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MRRA Regattas

The MRRA is hosting the following regattas:

Festival Regatta

Textile River Regatta

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Merrimack River Rowing Association - MRRA
basic info


  • PAST MEMBERS - DO NOT FILL IN A NEW APPLICATION! If you were a recent member of the MRRA, you should have received an e-mail with account login information. If you didn't, please write to to have it set up. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Fill in the form and be as complete as possible. You will always be able to return to this data in the future to make additional edits.
  • Press Submit at the bottom of the page when you are finished. Make note of any red error messages that might result from incomplete information. Correct any errors and re-Submit. When the data is clean, the message in this space will be green.
  • Separate members of a family should login and enter their own data separately - there is no 'family' version of this form.

1. Contact Information

A brief username with no spaces, used to login to your account. Once you choose this it cannot be changed. The username must not already exist in the membership.

This email address will be used for club mailings and shown on the Members list.  Please keep it updated.

2. Personal Information

3. Emergency Contact Info

4. Qualifications and Certifications

Need the swim cert?  Click on the question mark to download a blank Swim Cert PDF.
The Swim Cert date can only be entered by the Admin.

You have no Swim Cert on file. A new swim cert is REQUIRED for membership and should be submitted with your check.
Name prior or current clubs, school teams, etc.

Captain's Boat Handling Test

These are updated by the Club Secretary or Boat Captain. If your info isn't updated, check with one of them.

Sculler's Self-Rating

Self-rate your sculling proficiency. Boatcaptain will approve or downgrade your selection. If you only row sweep, choose option D. If field is disabled it has been locked by Admin.
Provide any information to help support your self-rating.

5. Membership Type, Billing and Paperwork

This section has been moved to the Billing tab. Click "billing" above to go there after you SUBMIT your changes to this tab.

6. Job Choices

Work chores on behalf of the club are required with membership. Choose your preferences below, and we'll make every attempt to align your work with your choice.

Choose Festival Regatta job preferences in order of priority:


Choose TRR job preferences in order of priority:


Working at a regatta usually results in a free t-shirt or other wearable item, and a free meal. Make your choices here so that we can get a count of what we need.

Interested in a career in rowing club management? Show your enthusiasm for some of the following roles.

The following info may help us call upon you for specialized knowledge.

7. Save your work!

Click SUBMIT below to save your membership data. When you submit, the screen will refresh; any error messages will appear in red at the top, or else you will see a green success message if all fields are valid.

Your membership is NOT complete. Visit the CHOICES tab to elect the rowing programs in which you will participate, and finally visit the BILLING tab to review those charges and additional paperwork that is required for membership. You must also e-sign your application on the BILLING tab to affirm that you have read and agree to all club policies.


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