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MRRA Regattas

The MRRA is hosting the following regattas:

Festival Regatta

Textile River Regatta

Rowing News

General Conditions and Restrictions Print E-mail

Notes from safety committee with input from boat captain appear below:

ONCE YOU ARE AUTHORIZED to ROW by MRRA the “Big Boat rowing accompanied by a launch” restriction below governs rowing. NOTE: MRRA Members and guests must meet and have satisfied all membership or guest requirements in order to be eligible to row. If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact a club officer.

Revised by Boat Captain and Safety Committee posted 3/29/2011 Big Boat Rowing allowed with launch supervision. Until further notice RESTRICTED ROWING *BIG BOAT ROWING* is allowed under the direct supervision of a launch. Definition: Eights, Quads or fours may row; Double, Singles and pairs may NOT row until further notice. Boats must be accompanied and directly supervised by a launch; directly supervised means launch is within 50 meters of each rowing boat.

WHERE TO ROW: Safety lines are NOT in place. Do not to go below the 1500 m mark, unless supervised by a launch and training of the sprint course; launch supervised boats may proceed to the finish line. Check and be aware of current flow and debris in river (including floating ice), as well as weather and river traffic conditions before deciding to launch. Rowing is limited to experienced oar persons. If you are not confident in your abilities do not launch during restricted rowing conditions. All launches must carry proper equipment and PFD’s for rowers. Recommendation: Rowers should consider carrying or wearing personal PFD.

MRRA rules do not supersede more restrictive boathouse rules or state and federal boating laws, where applicable. Note: Individuals are responsible for meeting all MRRA requirements as set by the MRRA board of directors. The above restriction sets restrictions and conditions on equipment use and safety parameters for individuals otherwise authorized to row; only the MRRA board of directors determines when members meet club requirements to be eligible to row.

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