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This page will be updated when (limited) MRRA rowing is authorized.

Note: NO MRRA ROWING- this is notwithstanding that as of Feb 24, 2018 UML has installed docks and UML Crew has begun limited rowing supervised by coaches and launches,

Updated and posted by Boat Captain 26 Feb 2018



Draft Revision JL 4 23 2015


Level I: No Restrictions/All Boats May Row.

(Trigger for rule: water temp is greater than 60 deg and boat captain posts rule.)

In all cases check for daily weather and condition advisories.


Level II: Experienced Solo Singles and all larger boats OK….with CAUTIONS IN PLACE

(Trigger for rule: water temp is greater than 55 deg and boat captain posts rule.)

Novice singles and experienced pairs must be accompanied by another boat.

Mandatory Requirements:

Only experienced rowers* may row in a 2- or in a solo 1x.

1x, 2-, & 2x must carry and preferably wear a PFD; all boats must carry a cell phone.Row only when 100 degree requirement is met. (Water temp plus air temp total at least 100 deg)

NOVICE ROWERS: 1x  novices must row with another rower.

(Row with another rower means within 50 meters of an accompanying boat)


Level III: 4 Oar Rule (2 Singles or 1 Double)

(Trigger for rule: Over 50 degree water temp and posting by BC)

100 deg total requirement (water temp plus air temp total at least 100 deg)

Two singles may row together or with a larger boat.

Doubles and larger boats may row alone.

Mandatory Requirements:

Only experienced rowers* may row in a 1x; one experienced rower must “captain” a 2x.

1x and 2x must carry and should wear a PFD; all boats must carry a cell phone.

Pairs and unescorted singles may NOT row unless under the direct supervision of a launch.


Only experienced rowers should row in singles or in unescorted doubles.

Consider your condition and abilities.

Consider rowing during daylight hours only; give care and pay attention to daily weather and river conditions.
Row conservatively; avoid rowing on the square and other drills that decrease stability.

Keep cell phone is a waterproof container.


Level IV: Big boats only 

(Trigger for rule: Docks are in, water temp is over 45 degree water and posting by BC)

Quads, fours, and eights only.

All boats must be under the direct supervision of a launch.

In the event that BC waives the launch requirement, all boats must carry and should wear PFDs and must carry a phone.


In all cases check for daily weather and condition advisories.


*”Experienced rower”: Temporary rule: until further defined experienced rower means either five years minimum experience in sculling boats or with the permission of boat captain. (If you have been a member less than 5 years or have any questions as to your level of competence contact the boat captain for permission to row.)

100 degree requirement:  once water temperature is not less than 50° F any combination of air temp + water temp equaling 100° F satisfies 100 deg requirement.

Direct launch supervision and “with another rower” for purpose of cold water restrictions means accompanying launch or shell  is within 50 meters of the rower.

“With another rower” for purpose of cold water restrictions means each within 50 meters of the other.

Suggestion: choose your boat wisely!  cold water rowing to attempt to select a less stable boat, unless supervised. If you are not completely comfortable in the boat you plan to row, consider changing to a more stable boat, such as Zephyr or from a single to double, Quad or Four.



Cautions: Safety lines near dam/falls  are not in place until late spring and come out in the late fall; safety lines may not be in place. Do not to go below the 1500 m mark, unless supervised by a launch; launch supervised boats may proceed to the 2000m course finish line.

****COLD AIR AND COOLING WATER*****: Be aware of the conditions; especially in early morning.Dress appropriately and have a change of warm cloths available.
Check and be aware of current flow and ****debris**** in river, as well as weather and river traffic conditions before deciding to launch.

Note: Rain yesterday…means rising water the following day…rising water brings…STUFF!!! 
USE LIGHTS: Please use BOW red/green  and STERN facing or all around white lights.

Be vocal! If another boat is approaching your stern make your presence known!!! (Yell)
Follow traffic pattern: stay close to starboard shore, stay out of center of river…leave the center as a traffic separation zone. Only use the first bridge arch (marked with red and green) as an upstream travel arch. 

Watch for SAFETY UPDATES and INCREASING RESTRICTIONS with decreasing temperatures.

** Note on PFD’s: The “belt pack” (limited number) owned by the MRRA are manual inflatable. They do not provide any flotation unless you pull the cord and activate them, or otherwise blow them up. What is good about this is they will not “accidently” inflate if soaked in the hull of a boat. The tradeoff/limitation is to understand if a rower is unconscious or otherwise unable to manually inflate the PFT it will not provide any flotation; addition concern is user error and/or mechanical failure.

Consider wearing the PFD and using an AUTO inflatable model.

Rowers may wish to consider a vest style USCG type III PFD which also provides some warmth, or consider purchasing and wearing an auto inflatable harness style PFD.

MRRA rules do not supersede UMass Lowell
boathouse rules or state and federal boating laws where applicable.

Check for additional restrictions or cautions posted by Boat Captain and changing river wand weather conditions on a daily basis.

Current River Conditions at NOAA AHPS
Last Updated on Monday, 26 February 2018 19:08